About Socialist Sybil

My Grandma Sybil was a communist. She campaigned for workers' and women's rights, and lived through wartime London; in 1993 she wrote down her memories of her life, from childhood until her husband's death in 1961. In 2011 I found them in a box in our study, where they had been since she had died several years earlier. I'm blogging them (sporadically) mostly as a personal family history project, but on the off-chance anyone else is interested, on a public blog.

"How Socialist Sybil Began" is her own title.

About me

I've just finished my third year of an English & French degree, and, since I spent a lot of the last year travelling, was prevented by my cliché sensors and laziness from blogging. Now I'm home and staring down the barrel of finals, I have no such inhibitions.

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